Bike theft not a thing in downtown Kitchener?

My new office is in the heart of downtown Kitchener. An odd thing I have noticed more than a few times… nice bikes not secured. The city has these bike-shaped bike racks directly on the street, but, instead, people just lean their bike up against the shop and go in. This image below is from my office window (we have a great view don’t you think!). Note 3 nice looking bikes, ready to run off with, and no concern. The folks came out of the payday loan/cheque-cashing/pawn shop later and rode off. No theft.

Its not isolated. The other day I walked past the Dollarama and there was a full-suspension bike leaned there, the owner came out a few minutes later and rode off.

Contrast this to my experience with bike theft at my previous office. It was locked, they cut and run. Huh.

PS, the Shawarma cheeseburger is amazing.







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  1. Sonya Latchman

    can you bring home a shawarma cheeseburger for me 🙂 now I want one 🙂

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