Month: November 2019

  • Venture Accelerator is a fan of 2 famous communists?

    The Cuban Missile Crisis. Famous. Castro, Khrushchev. We’ve all heard the stories, know the names, and what they stood for. This is why I was more than a bit puzzled to see this poster, referring to a letter from Castro to Khrushchev in the lobby of Invest Ottawa, a bastion of modern capitalism. Anyone want […]

  • More gadgetry? 0-10V light control for the new office

    If you’ve not watched the installation of the projector screen, the video is below. But sadly I discovered that the lights in the place are all on a single relay… no local dimming. Undeterred I snooped around, these are LED panels, you would think some sort of PWM or other dimming would be possible, right? […]

  • Tis the season to install your winter bike tires

    So I got caught out yesterday, we got a bunch of snow, and I still had the summer tires on the bike. Here it is this am w/ the snows loaded on the back to get installed. The ride home was much grippier! You may remember these tires from last year, “I am the new […]

  • Goodby Mr Loser? We get a new projector

    Today arrived our projector. A 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Laser. With 7000 lumens. Its amazing. Even more amazing, I ordered it Friday, it shipped from Hong Kong, and arrived Monday. Now, as you might expect from a device intended for the domestic China market, the localisation into traditional Canadian English is a bit spotty. But, its gonna […]

  • Tis the season to keep wikipedia running

    Like information? Love information without ads or overt bias? Love wikipedia? Well, it takes our cash to run it. If you want to not become the product Wikipedia sells to operate, head on over and donate.