Venture Accelerator is a fan of 2 famous communists?

The Cuban Missile Crisis. Famous. Castro, Khrushchev. We’ve all heard the stories, know the names, and what they stood for.

This is why I was more than a bit puzzled to see this poster, referring to a letter from Castro to Khrushchev in the lobby of Invest Ottawa, a bastion of modern capitalism.

Anyone want to take a crack @ the decode? I think it says ‘Comrade’. Maybe the decode of what its suggesting to me in the lobby?






5 Responses to “Venture Accelerator is a fan of 2 famous communists?”

  1. Darrell

    The morse code letters are BEET TRIM BAIETA R DTDM ASSHOLE A AAA

    Some elaborate troll maybe?

    1. Brian

      The morse I get at the start looks more like BITCH to me… depends on how you interpret the wrapping at the right

    2. Zac

      The codes are wrapping for design aesthetic purposes; “–..–” is a comma and “.-.-.-” is a period.

      … with an extra A at the end, again I suspect as a design choice.

      So, probably not a fan of Khrushchev, at least.

  2. Stefan Grefen

    Hi Don,

    I think this is the Morse code (consecutive spaces seem to be artistically placed)
    -… .. – -.-. …. –..– -… .- … – .- .-. -..
    . – -…– .- … … …. — .-.. . .-.-.- .-

    translates this into “bitch???bastardt??asshole??”

    Initially I thought it may refer to this image

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