More gadgetry? 0-10V light control for the new office

If you’ve not watched the installation of the projector screen, the video is below. But sadly I discovered that the lights in the place are all on a single relay… no local dimming. Undeterred I snooped around, these are LED panels, you would think some sort of PWM or other dimming would be possible, right?

Turns out they implement a crusty old standard called 0-10V. The panels are from Earthronics. OK, so now I need a way to get 0-10V up there on the ceiling, with me on the floor. Interestingly, the standard calls for being either a source or a sink, its kinda fuzzy, you have to know. The power supply is an XZ-LK50B (here). But, the xz-power site is down. Hmm. I’ll assume we are sourcing.

A little googling, and some credit card, and I am the proud owner of a Keilton PPA101S. Sweet. Got ladder, screwdriver, and a desire to muck w/ the lights, which may or may not dim once done.






2 Responses to “More gadgetry? 0-10V light control for the new office”

  1. Steve S

    Did you get this to work? If so how far away can you bee to control the lights? I’m looking at installing a bunch (26) in our winery production floor as we replace the high bay lights but I want to be cautious as the lights are 45ft up so not very accessible once installed.

    1. db

      its bluetooth with no particular antenna.
      so i would guess line of site no problem @ that distance.

      i didn’t really try a distance, it works for ~30′ for sure.

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