Goodby Mr Loser? We get a new projector

Goodby Mr Loser? We get a new projector

Today arrived our projector. A 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Laser. With 7000 lumens. Its amazing. Even more amazing, I ordered it Friday, it shipped from Hong Kong, and arrived Monday.

Now, as you might expect from a device intended for the domestic China market, the localisation into traditional Canadian English is a bit spotty. But, its gonna be HDMI-1 in off a Chromecast so that’s not too important.

So, turn it on, install the spandex 150″ screen to the wall. And as I’m about to setup the keystone, what do i see? Its welcoming me? zoom, enhance… The guy in the yellow. “Goodbye Mr. Loser”. Huh. So nice this pre-packaged greeting.

Before you ask, yes, this is *after* changing the interface to English!

But, its an amazing projector. If you are a home buyer, look at the Xiaomi one for 4K (with pixel-shifting but still). If you are a workplace / bright room buyer, go for the Wemax One Pro @ 1080p for the 7000 lumens. Its a great deal for ~ $1500. There’s really nothing else out there with this brightness without getting into $20K + Christie Digital territory.

So, Mr. Loser I maybe, but meetups will be able to progress w/ 150″ of laser goodness.



5 Comments on “Goodby Mr Loser? We get a new projector

  1. Just in time for Christmas to replace my Sanyo Z3 720P 800 lumens that cost me $3500 in 2004!

  2. Xiaomi “Mijia”?
    7000 Chinese lumens or 8+ white LED bulb 7000 lumens?
    Is it Android based?

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