Brrr… bikes and batteries. We need more torque!

As the temperature drops so does the battery output in an e-bike. And yesterday am we had some reasonable heavy snow on the ground (lightly frozen and somewhat driven over, so really tough to go through). I got stuck a few times. In a car, when you are stuck, your tires spin (and if you are a fool, you let them spin until they make ice and catch fire… I’m looking at you Raleigh!)

On the bike, you just end up stopped. With the spikes on the snow tires they either move you, or don’t spin. Traction far exceeds torque at this temperature.

Now… I think I need some sort of electric blanket for my batteries. I could wrap the frame in some sort of insulating foil I guess. I don’t think it would be a ‘win’ to run an electric heater off the batteries themself (although your car does, for battery conditioning).

Another option would be to get some sort of battery that performs better at low temperature. Or maybe oversize them somewhat and get a heavier torque motor + controller. Hmmm.

Any other suggestions from the peanut gallery? Some sort of flamethrower attachment?

One things for sure, here in sunny crisp waterloo. Its not a cyclists paradise these days!






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  1. Nick

    Propane canister with a nozzle slot all around the frame to keep everything warm.. Works for CN Rail switches! Would make you look like Ghost eRider on the way to work!,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/daoflm6chrhaseh9e0z1.jpg

    1. db

      I misread that url first as kijiji, and I was like, who had that in their garage and was looking to sell!

  2. Sonya Latchman

    or you could just drive to work in your CAR……just saying…

  3. Kevin

    I think you should go to value village and buy a winter coat for a small child. Cut off the sleeves and hood and use that as insulation for the battery. Finally buy a box of hand warmers and stick those to the battery before installing the winter coat. Good to go.

    The key thing here is to make sure you have someone recording your effort to try on coats at value village. I bet the YouTube views would more than pay for the coat 🙂

  4. Matt

    I use USB hand warmers tucked under batteries and wrapped in a emergency blanket to warm the Drone Batteries when its cold <-6C, as drones falling from the sky cos they can't pull enough current when needed, is considered bad planning by the CAA …..

    I use these to warm up the dual 146Wh packs for the big drone.

    1. db

      this is a 48V 16AH battery. Its got a fair bit of thermal mass to it.

      but its an intriguing idea… I wonder if I can get plumbing heat tape in USB-C power/voltage levels? I have a 20000mAH USB-C pack that has the 45W USB-C PD profile. hmmm.

      1. Matt

        these might be better than knitting a blanket. you’d need active control as they easily hit 100C.

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