The car charger virus arrives

In December 2017 I predicted that 2018 would see a virus that transmitted malware via smart electric car chargers. Well… (good?) news everybody, its here. They only highlight one, an in-home charger, here by chargepoint.

Side note: that self-same charger I mentioned in Campbellville Court that was non-functional on Dec 17, 2017 was *still* not working on Dec 25th 2018. It just won’t negotiate charging w/ our car, given various faults. Progress… not.

So… malware that wanders around as you plug your car in. A device that is becoming self-driving, with tons of hi-res cameras that record everything around you and in your life.  A device that is big and heavy, and sadly, are being used in terrorist attacks. What could go wrong?






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