If you can’t clean ’em, cook em’. Glass cleaner goes turbo

Glasses. The only thing worse is no glasses. Always smudged. You can solve the problem of them not being around by buying many and carpet bombing your life (3 pack for $20 @ shoppers). But the smudge issue. No more. We went ultrasonic (its one step below plaid) speed.

Who wants to mess around with those gimmicky low wattage ultrasonic cleaners? You need something with heat and motion. Enter the nameless industrial-grade cleaner you see at the right. 150W of heat, 180W of vibration. Smudge be gone.

Sure you have to lose a bit of counter space. And sure it sounds like a beach ball full of house flies at a sheep-sheering festival. But crank the temperature up and let it buzz, the glasses come out smudge-free. Plus if I have any greasy small engine parts or carburettor’s I’m good to go.

Still working on the portable solution.






2 Responses to “If you can’t clean ’em, cook em’. Glass cleaner goes turbo”

  1. Nick

    Can i use cooking oil instead of water? And chicken for glasses?

    1. db

      sure, if you are ok w/ ~90C cooking temp for your chicken, and it being vibrated to chicken-spam consistency. sort of like chicken floss w/ a near boiled consistency.

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