Bike helmets work. And some surprised ducks

So the weather here is…. damp.  The ride in this am was exceptionally wet and dark (I proved that the laser guidelines are visible!) but otherwise uneventful. The ride home, however, I got to prove that the bike-helmet (mocked for paw-patrol-esque view) functioned… the hard way.

So I’m cruising along, somewhat more slowly than usual, along the wooden sidewalk that rings the duck-pond. Normally this is covered in…. people and ducks (and geese). The people feed the fowl, the fowl respond by feigning an interest in the mediocre lives of these humans. But today it was wet slippery, and deserted. As I rounded the corner by that gazebo, I carefully apply a bit of rear brake, and, boom. Suddenly my head is hitting the deck and my feet are hitting the ‘water’. Maybe 10cm left and I would have gone entirely into the pond. I can attest by the typical yells of the parents in summertime that this is not normally a swimmable venue.

After the ringing in my ears subsided i realised that it was the helmet that made the difference from this being embarrassing (and bruising and wet) versus much worse. It bodes well for the snow and ice!

So hats off to hats on.






4 Responses to “Bike helmets work. And some surprised ducks”

  1. Zac

    Glad you’re okay! I don’t know what kind of helmet you have, but if it’s one of the stiff styrofoam core ones, they are basically only one-shot protection. If that’s the case, you’ll want to replace it ASAP.

  2. db

    replaced. It was indeed cracked from impact.

  3. Tom Donnelly

    The last time I was in Copenhagen, i noticed a number of cyclists wearing what appeared to be an odd fashion accessory around their neck. I asked someone what they were and was surprised to find out it was essentially an airbag for your head. They are made by a Swedish company called Hovding . As you can see on their website and numerous Youtube videos, it’s a pretty cool product. I don’t think they are certified in North America yet, but I’m thinking about picking one up next time i’m in Europe. One of the key features both Don and I can appreciate it the complete elimination of helmet hair.

  4. folden darnell

    Very impressed with your overview on this topic! Thanks for your advice!

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