Laser bike lights!

Lasers. Once thousands of dollars, now cat’s toys from the dollar store. What a time we live in. And now they are on my bike. I purchased the Ampulla C1, it gives you rear-light, turn lights, brake lights, and laser-lines on the road to encourage traffic to give you some space.

Now, the lasers are not incredibly bright, so during daylight they are useless. But, here you can see a picture in my garage, its reasonably bright in there and they still show, so I’m optimistic for the full-on dark.

The unit has an 18650 battery in it, and charges via micro-usb. A hack for another day is to drive it off the main battery. It also comes with a handle-bar mounted remote-control which is wireless.

Will it save my life? If I’m still alive next week the answer was yes!






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  1. Tom Donnelly

    The Bike is cool. The helmet might need an upgrade. perhaps something a little more Dark Vader and la little less Paw Patrol

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