More bike thievery

So there are these nice bike coffins in uptown waterloo. I have no idea how you get a key to them (they are by the parkade). But, today, I see a sad little note. Similar to mine but lower tech. And the tried and never true reward.

I hope this person is luckier than I and get’s their pride and joy back. But, I’m sceptical.

In related news my bike has been banned from the interior spaces. And, our bike racks are not wide enough for the ‘fat’ of the tire (I have 4″ wide, 4″ sidewall, these vertical racks are 2.25″ max). So I have been forced to use “the chain”.

Now, the chain is substantial. An angle grinder is really the only attack (other than picking the disk lock… I’ve been watching the Lock Picking Lawyer). But, the problem with its ‘substantialness’ is how to carry it. Its been eating a hole through my saddle bag, I’m expecting that to be finished in a day or so. I tried ratchet strap to the rack, but the rattle was very loud. The bike has triangular rounded bars, so I can’t conceive of a 3D-printed holder (like my thermos holder for the previous bike).

So far the chain is doing its job, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But I predict in the future there will be a post about “chain carrying methodology 2.0” for an 11kg chain to de-rattle and keep the weight low. E.g. I can’t do a front basket cuz then I can’t steer. Hmm. Maybe a trailer?






2 Responses to “More bike thievery”

  1. Ihab Mahna

    Use a regular lock and put a sticker “This Bike is tracked via GPS”

  2. Matt

    I like the trailer idea. Or maybe you get a drone that is trained to follow you that carries the chain.

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