Tales from the road: rabbits and cats

You’re probably going to want to click on that picture to make it bigger and more glorious.

So I’m in the Taipei airport. I’m at the security line. The woman in front of me has a rabbit. No, not a stuffed rabbit. No, not a caged rabbit. A real live bunny, slung over her shoulder, its staring at me balefully.

She puts the rabbit down in the tray as she gets out her phone and wallet etc. It sits there, quietly. Its large. Its clearly not bothered by this. She then picks the bunny back up, and heads through the metal detector just like its another day. No one even stares or asks questions. Is she alice? Is there some sort of mushrooms being handed out?

I thought that would be the oddest thing that day, and, well, there’s my gate. The Hello Kitty gate.

Asia, I can’t even.






4 Responses to “Tales from the road: rabbits and cats”

  1. Brandy Latimer

    Every little girls dream is to see a big Hello kitty store like that!

  2. Sonya Latchman

    The best airport lounge EVER!!!!

  3. DogsRock

    Get ready for Japan where you can ride the Hello Kitty Shinkansen


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