IPv6 tunnel brokers: They’re Back!

Many years ago I configured an ipv6 tunnel broker courtesy of Hurricane Electric. Free, simple, worked. And it was great. But it was with much excitement that I disabled it after a few years when my service provider rolled out dual-stack native. Huzzah, no more tunnels for me.

Fast forward a few more years and I have submitted a Pull Request which has failed a step in the CI. Hmm, it passed for me. So I dig in, and, to my chagrin, the tests skip over ipv6 if you don’t have access. I guess I can understand why.

I am working in the Communitech Data Hub, and, a request to IT support yielded the response that indeed this is not supported. So I have a choice, I can go back to the tunnel broker, or, maybe I can remote to the ‘beast of the basement‘.







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