Month: November 2017

New product idea: add wire adapter

So the original home automation is the thermostat. And many of us will have grown up with the Honeywell T87.  This will have been mounted to that lovely faux wood panelling in your house :). It worked in a very

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Controlling the sonos + receiver with voice

So Home Assistant, Google Home, IFTT, all great products. And the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Up until now, to enable music in my Living Room, there have been several choices: Use the Google Home, its

Universal inventory management

With the price of one bitcoin heading into cost of a new car territory, there’s a lot of hype around blockchain. And most of it is focused around financial systems, e.g. ledger management, etc. One of the unique properties of

The new Corsair supply and Netdata

So a side affect of this mornings issue with the UPS is I have a new power supply, and it has usb-accessible sensors. If we build OpenCorsairLink, we can access them: # OpenCorsairLink.elf –device 0 Dev=0, CorsairLink Device Found: HX750i!

A Confluence of Crap: the odds were poor, but balanced

OK so I got up this am, and the nas that runs my home assistant, blog, cloud, plex, … was offline. And you notice this because the lights don’t work 🙂 (note to self: more backup lighting in my office!)