Month: October 2017

PCI-e bifurcation explained

OK, some asked about ‘what is bifurcation’ from the previous post. Essentially, if you have a PCI-e x8 slot, you can split it in half and make it 2 x4 slots. If you have a x16, you can make it

The NVME now goes to 11: Asus m.2 x16 installed

Earlier I wrote about selecting the Asus m.2 x16, a 4x NVME carrier, each with PCI-E x4. It arrived, i installed. The reason I chose this one is that a) my motherboard supports bifurcation, and b) my NVME cards were

The curious case of the Vorke Z1, Plex, and the status bar

My living room TV is driven by a Vorke Z1, (and an ExpressVU Satellite box, and a Chromecast, and, … but this story is about the Vorke). The Vorke runs Android (7.1.2) and Plex, and connects to the basement NAS

The home hacking arsenal gets a new tool

A bit over 30 years ago I did some manual labour in return for some aged but novel tools. The most interesting to me of these was a Tektronix 515 oscilloscope. It was a single-channel (but did have a Z-axis