The NVME now goes to 11: Asus m.2 x16 installed

Earlier I wrote about selecting the Asus m.2 x16, a 4x NVME carrier, each with PCI-E x4. It arrived, i installed. The reason I chose this one is that a) my motherboard supports bifurcation, and b) my NVME cards were 22110 (with integral capacitors for write flush on power-loss). As you can see from the photo, i shorted the head-pad a bit because of the extra height of the capacitors.

If you are looking for a great deal on a lot of fast storage, check out the ebay listing. Or even some other online listings. @ $270/TB of fast NVME, how could you go wrong? Chuck your sata to the curb and join the revolution.






One response to “The NVME now goes to 11: Asus m.2 x16 installed”

  1. Matt Callaghan

    Wow nice!

    I co-incidentally just joined the revolution recently; bumped some storage for my gamer-rig (LANtastic!) to clean up my spread of game installations onto a single fast NVMe 1TB drive.

    While not as huge as what you’ve got, a reasonable solution:
    * (wow current price jumped, i paid $450)
    * ($55)

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