Storage expansion: method chosen, input discarded

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OK, I know a lot of you were super worried about my NVME purchase, that it didn’t fit in my carrier.

Some excellent suggestions involving power-tools and adhesives were carefully evaluated and vetted. But I have decided to go with a 4x carrier that supports 22110-length cards. It has an integral head-sink and auxiliary fan, which helps because SSD generate a lot of heat and this causes them to thermal throttle.

I should be able to sustain about ~100Gbps to the storage I have, enough for basic purposes I guess.

If you recall, these NVME I acquired are the long-type (22110), but they fit in this carrier.

Now, I hear a lot of you wondering, that card looks kind of naked. Where are the electronics? You expected a PCI-PCI bridge like a PLX right? Well, turns out my motherboard supports bifurcation, so we can make a x16 slot into 4×4 with the twist of a knob in the BIOS screen.






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