In the last few years we’ve gone from “I know someone who as Internet” to “I have Internet everywhere”. Its gone from “I connect” to “I consume”. And, entire industries and technologies have evolved using it.

In the future world of self-driving cars there is the “the car is smart” camp, and “the netework is smart” camp. The cloud is the jalopy to paraphrase Sun.

And, of this low latency huge bandwidth future, 5G is the current poster child of the near future, promising the world. Suddenly, safety concerns. In Canada, exclusion zones for the new fancy frequency bands are announced, surrounding airports. You know, airports that used to be far from people and then the people moved up close?

So, how long before someone w/ a 5G-enabled somewhat-self-driving-car does something stupid near an airport when the 5G becomes the 4G becomes the 3G?

You can check your address for exclusion here

OK, the CIRA election is underway. I have 3 asks for you:

  1. If you are a CIRA member (you have received a PIN in your email), I need your vote please before the 30th of Sept
  2. If you know someone who is, or may be, please ask them do do the same, and to pass that along
  3. If you hold a .CA domain but are not a member, please register for next year

Information is available here.

If you are not yet a member, you can join for free here. You cannot vote in this years election unless you were a member in August.

So, you have a hard time swiinging your leg up and onto your bike. And dismounting is getting harder. But, you don’t want to ride with the seat too low, not enough power, hard on the knees.

Solution? That gas strut that is in your desk chair. Yes, that one, the one you pull the little handle and the seat rises? Take that, a cable, run it through the frame to a button on the handlebars. And, the results you can see below.

Its an elevator for your seat.