Science, Cats, and Japanese Game Shows: Together at Last

OK, what is the heaviest fish a cat can lift? And, what type of cat is best at lifting fish? Well, now you are only 23 minutes and 19 seconds from knowing. There are some great graphics in here as they go through the math. You are gonna want to watch this from the start. For example, @ 2:50 where they whiteboard it out. @ 4:22 where they animate what they expect to happen. @ 4:45 where the first fish is brought out.  No spoilers, but some cats get fed during this.

More tradeshow shenanigans: a donut wall

Tradeshow real-estate is expensive. You are basically buying floor space to act as a billboard, and generally want to maximise your message and brand.

So lets examine some co that might not have got the memo.

First, the donut wall. Yes, you read that right mr. simpson. A wall made of donuts (I ate one, they were real). Instead of your brand, you advertised deep-fried zeros.

How about an arcade? I mean, I'm not sure what they do, but I'm sure they attracted just the right leads for meaningful business discussions .

Another company (no photo I'm afraid) could only afford a 5x10 booth. So they used 4x10 for a giant pacman game. didnt event have space for their logo. So weird.

So, what's the weirdest use of tradeshow real-estate you have seen?

The Bay area’s finest Internet

Here in the heart of the land Internet made famous. My AirBnB, Internet included. The speed, well, see for yourself at the right. Stupendous. Latency? Enough to get to the moon and back.


A tradeshow giveaway that eats a bit of your soul and ego

Normally you need to go to your other in-law's to get a pure, honest assessment of what is wrong with you.

But this company decided to take that message on the road and package it up as a tradeshow giveaway.

A fair and honest appraisal of my appearance? What, is this tinder for tradeshows ? What happened to "you look mahvellous"?

Carnot efficiency and high tech. And a PSA: update your home router

So i'm in  San Francisco for the next couple of days for a cyber security conference. A city known for technology. And let me share with you some views of how high tech that can be.

First i present the indoor closed loop air conditioner. Carnot cycle be damned, I'm sure this all indoor airconditioner can do more than make noise! (Yes i checked, that outside window is permanent sealed)

Next i present the hi-techfi entertainment centre in our airbnb. yes finally clocks and radios together!

For those unfamiliar with Admiral, it was our first tv when i was a kid. And its sort of still around today as AOC. Vintage mid century modern with a rustic sound.

What delights will the rest of the week have?

And, finally, a PSA. Check your home router. Is its firmware up to date? Mirai was bad news a year and change ago. And disturbing news today. So, check youu have most recent firmware and help a friend or neighbour do the same.

peace out