The art of the dramatic demo: Knative and ‘serverless’ in Kubernetes

This was one of the keynotes last week at kubecon. One of the ones I felt was the best. He merges 'hidden figures' (the people doing the math behind the space race, black, female) with a demo of his competitor (AWS) product, masterfully, with a bit of humour. Oh, and the demo is in fortran.

Worth the watch of the demo, worth the watch of the movie!

Phippy and Friends: Kubernetes gets simpler

So last week I was @ Kubecon. Cloud Native yada yada. But, many people were finding it too complex to explain to folks what they do. Yada yada container yada yada declarative, etc. So, well, its now a childrens book and video. Read all about it @ "Phippy and Friends" for an illustrative story book or the video (also below).

To complex for you?

Project solitude: silence the power supply

I have a 'bench' power supply, a BK-305D from the well-known brand 'baku'. It works, it was cheap. Its loud. Or, should I say, it *was* loud. And that is today's hack. Silence the supply.

If you open this up, its a pretty typical linear supply. A big transformer, a small amount of low-tech electronics. And a 24V 80mm, hard-wired to a 25V rail. Here we can see it in its naked lid-removed glory.

Note: the capacitor holds some power on the 25V rail, so after you remove the lid, consider shorting it or waiting a while.

OK, seems straightforward. We'll go get a 80mm 4-pin PC case fan (about $10 from Canada Computers), and then a buck-boost converter to conver the 25V to 12V (about $1), and a fan-controller.

The fan controller I choise is a ZF1X4-1707. it was $2 from Aliexpress. But there are lots of them around, they all kind of do the same thing. It came with these cryptic instructions, below, on how to use the 1-button and 3-led's.

The buck converter module I chose came in a 10-pack for $2, and was adjustable. I adjusted its output to be about 14V.

After this, it was a simple matter. I glued the temperature probe to the heat sink, swapped in the new fan (blowing into the case), clipped the power lead from the old fan and put it into the buck converter, from there to the fan controller, from there to the fan.

If we have a look with the FLIR, we can see the TO-3 are about 45C when shorted at full power.

The fan is normally silent, and, when running full speed, is still an acceptable volume.

Great success! Cost about $15 ($10 for the fan, $2 for the controller, $1 for the buck converter).


Sponsor a conference as a means of hiring?

There's an interesting dynamic here @ Kubecon. Some of the sponsors are nearly certainly only here in a talent-acquisition mode. For example, apple, shopify. They are not meeting their customers here, their presence is small (apple has a 5x10' tabletop w/ a curtain backdrop... big marketing$$$!).

Interestingly, there's a big whiteboard you can scribble out an ad-hoc job ad. Shout out to my friends @ Macnica, your ad is there on the right!

Now, I was kind of tired, so no, I didn't troll the board with some fake ad. Hopefully no one else did 🙂 But this is 100% a sellers market... there are far more 'help wanted' than 'job needed' ads.

Tis the season for charitable giving

I don't know where to even begin here. I'm staying in a 'not so nice' hotel in a 'not so nice' part of Seattle. Out front at the reception they have a 'food bank' donation bin. Side note: give cash, not food. The food bank can buy wholesale, making your $1 worth much more, and, they don't need to have volunteers and warehousing costs to move your can of beans around. OK, back to the food bank donation bin. A nice touch. Lets zoom and enhance:

Is... Is... Is that a box of milk bones? And 4 bottles of water?

I can't even...