In "Goodbye Mr. Loser" we talked about the shiny new 4K laser projector. I bolted it up to a stretchy spandex "Lulu Lemon" screen. And, like the real lulu-lemon, you could kinda see through it, which meant it lost some light. And, we want that light reflecting back to eyeballs.

So, and this is where it gets intriguing, I started looking for a 150" pull down screen. Now, these are not as common as e.g. 100" or 120", since they don't fit in a house. But, I found one. I ordered it. About 1.5 hour later my phone rings, its the logistics for the driver, will I be home in 30 min? Huh? No, I won't. So they send it to my office. From order to receipt was 3 hours. I was flabbergasted. Do they have stock in small cars driving my neighbourhood? The driver had it hanging out the front passenger window & the back tail gate simultaneously: its long.

OK, so we gotta mount this. Hmm, its a bit heavy. The brick is a bit crumbly. I get some sleeve anchors. And, well, you may as well watch the hilarity.

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Today arrived our projector. A 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Laser. With 7000 lumens. Its amazing. Even more amazing, I ordered it Friday, it shipped from Hong Kong, and arrived Monday.

Now, as you might expect from a device intended for the domestic China market, the localisation into traditional Canadian English is a bit spotty. But, its gonna be HDMI-1 in off a Chromecast so that's not too important.

So, turn it on, install the spandex 150" screen to the wall. And as I'm about to setup the keystone, what do i see? Its welcoming me? zoom, enhance... The guy in the yellow. "Goodbye Mr. Loser". Huh. So nice this pre-packaged greeting.

Before you ask, yes, this is *after* changing the interface to English!

But, its an amazing projector. If you are a home buyer, look at the Xiaomi one for 4K (with pixel-shifting but still). If you are a workplace / bright room buyer, go for the Wemax One Pro @ 1080p for the 7000 lumens. Its a great deal for ~ $1500. There's really nothing else out there with this brightness without getting into $20K + Christie Digital territory.

So, Mr. Loser I maybe, but meetups will be able to progress w/ 150" of laser goodness.



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Oh yeah, you know you want to look as cool as me driving around w/ these handlebar-mount bear paws on. I gave them a trial-run today. They are a solid 6/10 on the effectiveness, and a 2/10 on the fashion sense.

But... you knew there was a gadget twist... I have a couple of metres of nichrome wire coming. And a battery pack. I'm thinking we can make them heated enough to be warm, and not so heated there is fire or the smell of burning fingers.

After 2 years my Pixel 2 XL took a bit of a spill the other day. Its still fine, but the glass is cracked. I'm hoping to find someone who can change just the glass... but... I bought a Pixel 4 XL. The saddest part about this is I was literally just thinking I would skip this gen, I love the Pixel 2 XL. Its such a great phone, such great battery life etc. O well.

New phone arrived last week but I was out and about, so I got the time to migrate over on Monday. And, of course, the migration was trivial... took about 5 minutes, all was good, shortcuts, etc. BUT... you have to manually migrate all the 2-Factor authentications. 63 sites. And each is different... you log in to the site (using the Pixel 2), find the settings, disable/change/remove/update the 2FA, and then re-enable it on the Pixel 4. That took *ages*.

Since this was obviously going to take a while, I thought... there must be a better way. I mean, TOTP is a standard, implemented in more than one app. I settled on Authy (also on iOS). It has the ability to operate on multiple devices and to sync/store. So this means it should be the last time.

And, of the multiple devices, Chrome is one. So you can install it for ChromeOS. Great!

So the theory is... I can now switch phones again if needed.