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Lessons learned: COPY . and geometric size progression

So another day and another ‘registry out of space’. I wrote earlier about the crappy experience increasing this size (and GKE is still on 1.10 so I can’t use the 1.11+ resize mechanism!!!) Vowing not to repeat the ‘that can’t

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The case of the nosy neighbour: Azure is poking me!

We’ve all been there. Working to a deadline trying to get our e-commerce site going to make sure cats don’t get cold feet for the winter. And because its a microservices cloud jwt polyglot kubernetes istio [insert jargon here] world,

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The quest for minimalism

Earlier I wrote about the ‘elastic-prune’ a simple cron-job that lived in Kubernetes to clean up an Elasticsearch database. When I wrote it, I decided to give ‘distroless’ a whirl. Why distroless? Some will say its because of size, they

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Misguided auto-updates in a container world

Let’s say one day you are casually browsing the logs of your giant Kubernetes cluster. You spot this log message: “npm update check failed”. Hmm. Fortunately you have an egress firewall enabled, blocking all outbound traffic other than to your

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When good containers go bad: github issues are the new release notes

The world is getting faster with shorter cycle times. Software releases, once things that celebrated birthdays are now weekly. Emboldened by the seemingly bullet-proof nature of Kubernetes and Helm, and trying to resolve an issue with an errant log message,

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