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So the other day I wrote of my experience with the first ‘critical’ kubernetes bug, and how the mitigation took down my Google Kubernetes (GKE). In that case, Google pushed an upgrade, and missed something with the Calico migration (Calico …

When managed software goes bad… A cloud tale Read More »

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Another day another piece of infrastructure cowardly craps out. Today it was Google GKE. It updated itself to 1.11.3-gke.18, and then had this to say (while nothing was working, all pods were stuck in Creating, and the Nodes would not …

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Tomorrow (Tues 27, 2018) we’re going to have the next meetup┬áto talk Continuous Integration. Got a burning desire to rant about the flakiness of an infinite number of shell scripts bundled into a container and shipped to a remote agent …

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Who wouldn’t want this? For $5 you get lifetime membership to everyone’s favourite search engine, Shodan. Buy early buy often, scan some internets today!

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So I have this architecture where we have 2 separate Kubernetes clusters. The first cluster runs in GKE, the second on ‘the beast of the basement’ (and then there’s a bunch in AKS but they are for different purposes). I …

Separate CI cluster woes: can hierarchical caching help? Read More »

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