Last night I got to do what high-school me would never have dreamed of: host a party w/ a ton of grade-a classic rockers and an open bar for all my friends.

If you were there, I'm collecting some of the photos, please feel free to drop yours here. 

The lineup we had as headliners Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Stephanie Calvert (Starship), Brett Michaels, backed by:

  • Howard Leese-Guitar- Heart, Bad Company, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Hugh Mc Donald- Bass- Bon Jovi
  • Doug Aldrich- Guitar- Whitesnake, Dead Daisies, Dio
  • Jay Schellen- Drums- Asia, Yes
  • Michael Ross- Keys- Lita Ford Band, Missing Persons
  • Robin McAuley- Vocals- MSG/Survivor
  • Andrew Freeman- Vocals- Offspring, Last in Line
  • Paul Shortino- Vocals- Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot
  • Mark Boals- Vocals- Yngwie Malsteen, Dokken


And, to top it off, my pixel 2 xl came in the prev day, so i had an *awesome* camera. 4K60fps video? check. Instant photos and focus? check!. So great.

Thanks to all of you who made this happen. Rock on!

So for a while i've been experiencing a mysterious issue with the DNS that runs casa del don. Specifically, android devices with 7.1 or later would work, and then not work, for resolving e.g. the homeassistant, plex, etc. They could ping the  IP, but got not DNS resolution. If i ran dig or 'host' on them, it worked. WTF?

Well, tool #1, tcpdump. We got that cranked up on the main router which also runs the DNS. And, mysteriously, its using the link-local IPv6 address. Not illegal, just odd:

IP6 fe80::d233:a842:6f0:3dde.54331 > fe80::f0b4:29ff:fed9:9e98.53: 62928+ A?

hmm. Now, I should have stopped and looked here longer, but didn't. The answer lies not in the link-local, nor the IPv6. Instead, it lies in *which* link-local address it used. Its actually one of the other access points in the house!

So, how did this happen? And what is happening?

Well, I swapped out the Asus RT-AC66U that ran the bedroom for a Xiaomi Mi Mini. And of course, put Lede on it (the swap out was done since the Asus is kind of a pain to use, its proprietary 5G radio isn't supported on FOSS, and without FOSS the vlans don't work.... And I wanted the upstairs IoT devices to enjoy good radio but on a non-default VLAN). So after the swap, all worked. But, the Mi Mini was running dnsmasq (despite not being a DHCP server). And, the Android devices were finding it, and using it. But, it thinks its authoritative for my domain. So the Android devices would do a DNS lookup, on IPv6, and get a NODATA-V6 (NXDOMAIN), and give up. They were asking the wrong server!

And me, not being observant enough, spend a lot more time investigating this than I should have. Its hard to spot the link-local address difference.


So my cat (TC, short for 'The Cat') is normally a very clean creature (like most cats). He goes out, snoops around for a bit, and comes back in smelling like leaves and campfires etc. No problem.

Not last night. Last night the cat waltzed back in smelling of dead skunk and septic tanks. Now, something you should know about cats... they are programmable up until about 8 weeks of age. Want a cat that likes getting its claws clipped? Play with its claws when its a kitten. If i want TC to enjoy a bath, I need a time machine! Also, guess who gets voted as chief cat washer, yours truly. Sigh.

Now, why is it I have a robot to wander my floors and decrumb, but none to wash my cat? I mean, it should be easy, we have automatic car washes. Maybe same principle, but smaller, with a laser pointer or crinkle ball or elastic at the door as a lure. Huh, gotta do some more googling, i don't find one. Maybe its an opportunity for gofundme or kickstarter, who's in?

Here is the 'just out of bath picture' where we have a fairly cross cat

and here we have an hour later, all forgiven pose.





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So, Marshall Texas, famous for patent cases. Here's a panorama of the US district court building, and the street its on, to help you put it in perspective.

Right across the street (see the confederate statue far left above? that is the statue below) is the old Harrison county courthouse, quite pretty.

Contrast that to the 'new' court (well, the federal one, not the county one). This is where patent cases are decided.

And, there's a great Normal Rockwell 'poster' in the court, about juries. You can feel the pressure on her!

So I spent last week in the eastern district of texas. And, on the way back to Dallas, we had to stop in at what is a very odd experience, Buc'ee's. Their slogan: "Clean Restrooms, We Guaranpee It". Nice. This place has an astonishing number of gas stalls (see below where I tried to capture), and hundreds of kinds of jerky. Its somewhat astonishing to me that a 'convenience store/gas station' can be that large, well outside a major metropolitan area.  So people view it as a 'destination'.

We have the 'fresh' deli jerky:

And we have the prepackaged 'roadkill' jerky:

And of course, the not-yet-jerky, fresher deli:

Not to mention the seasonal sections (christmas beavers!).