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  • 2d bar codes: mobile takes to the tabletop

    On monday I had 2 different ‘bar code’ experiences I thought i would share. As many of you know, 2D bar codes (square ones) are popping up on a lot of products and places today. You can point your smartphone at them, and get the info very quickly (which is often a web site, although…

  • p2p == philadendron to philadendron?

    Black and Decker has launched plantsense, bringing an IP address to geraniums everywhere. Its this kind of thing that is going to drive IPv6, the need to directly connect to sensor-nets within the home. As to whether I need to be able to ping my potted plant, i dunno just yet.

  • World finger derby

    World finger derby

    derby the world in my finger.

  • the internet’s asymptote and shannon

    the internet’s asymptote and shannon

    does shannons information theorem suggest there is a limit to the bandwidth needed for a person?

  • Everybody drop your pencils at 10am

    Everybody drop your pencils at 10am

    When I was in grade 5 we had this supply teacher one day. Our regular teacher was a strict bible-thumper beat you with a stick type, so we had high hopes for good hijinx. Somehow through that adolescent shared vision model, we all agreed to drop our pencils precisely at 10am