2d bar codes: mobile takes to the tabletop

On monday I had 2 different ‘bar code’ experiences I thought i would share.

As many of you know, 2D bar codes (square ones) are popping up on a lot of products and places today. You can point your smartphone at them, and get the info very quickly (which is often a web site, although i’ve received business cards with the persons info encoded). Now lots of companies are jumping on the ‘mobile’ bandwagon, even traditional brick-and-mortar business. observe below, on the left, a cup of tea, offering me a mobile app (to better understand their cup technology), and on the right, heinz ketchup.

But to my surprise, the one on the left has invented an entirely new means of 2D bar codes. It appears microsoft is behind this, they have invented ‘gettag’ as a means of moving users to their Bing search engine. Too bad, i’m sure the tea-cup app was great, but standard is better than better. the ketchup bar code was tasty tho for sure (point your phone at the image on the below right and you’ll see. try the below left and you’ll get nothing until u install the microsoft app, which i didn’t bother.)






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