The Web Is Not An Executable

Its 2021. By this stage everything has a browser in it. Imagine my surprise, invited to be part of an upcoming online web event, and, this is the experience. It even says ‘Web Suite’ in the name. Nonetheless, it auto-downloads a Windows executable. To my Linux desktop, to my Chromeos tablet.

On my android phone, it suggests installing an app w/ a rating of 2.3. Most malware has a higher rating.

So what is my choice? I install this Android app (see the top reviews below, amazing!), or, I, what, try Wine? Its 2021, we expect better.

Do you believe truth in marketing should apply hear, that “Web” should imply an open, web experience? Or its ok to say ‘Web’ and really mean nothing to do w/ a browser, open, standard, html?

Better on apple you think? 1.6






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