Beavers Fibre Diet Causes Internet Outage

Its often been said that the Internet’s natural enemy is the backhoe. But in this case, its a set of beavers who needed some more fibre in their diet.

Many years ago I did a very complete tour of a telecom facility. The inside plant, the outside plant, the sewers, the batteries, the roof, the cold-war-era emergency call centre bunker. There was a lot of Nortel brown switches IIRC. But one of the most interesting things to me was the constant war with nature. Paper-wrapped wires? Pump air into conduit. Rodents? Armor the cable. Tree roots? Concrete.

Seems like this area needed a bit more armor in the fibre. Score 1 for the beaver! A bunch of kids will have an interesting story to tell about why their homework is not done. “No really, a beaver”. Maybe they needed to floss some spruce from their teeth?






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