This Cat Does Not Exist (take that Shrodinger)

OK brace yourself. There are cat pictures on the Internet. And, apparently we have been running out. So, let’s bring some deepfake machine learning AI GAN tech to bear. Each time you refresh that you get a different fake cat.

This is the pinnacle of human achievement. What the Egyptians set in place with their worship rites and sphinx statues. The raison d’etre for Nvidia (who posted stylegan for this reason).. The reason matrix math was invented.

Next step, cross-post these pictures into and start the culture war.

And yes, the below images are of non-existent-machine-generated-cats.






2 Responses to “This Cat Does Not Exist (take that Shrodinger)”

  1. Chris

    We should start doing this with trees and bees too.

    1. db

      have fun failing the turing test.

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