Tire Nail

Spring has sprung, the nails is ris

What was intended as a nice long bike ride to soak in the 13C sunshine became a somewhat less interesting walk home. The culprit? a nail, the arch enemy of the tire since Robert William Thomson’s 1845 invention.

Fortunately I have a bottle of slime in stock. Half in the front (as a preventitive for next time), half in the rear (as a repair for this nail).

Tires have come a long way. From the original, which had rubber tubes inside a leather tire. Yup that’s right, today we have steel-belted, back then they just had belted 🙂

It used to be that people got multiple flat tires per year. Today, its very rare. Better technology (and maybe better roads).

Still, no solace on my walk back home to install the slime.

At least it’s not been stolen yet!






2 Responses to “Spring has sprung, the nails is ris”

  1. Jayme Snyder

    Did it actually work for you? I had no success on the bike tire when I tried it… but I’ve had great success patching using a piece of inner tub

    1. db

      yup. 2 days and still 20psi.
      it prob helps these are low pressure tires.

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