I am the new new snow stud: new winter bike tires arrived!

New bike needs new winter tires. And today they arrived. Dillinger 5 studded. 26 x 4.65. Rolling Resistance? Why, yes! But hopefully also slipping resistance.

Now why the tan-sidewall you ask? Blackwalls, whitewalls, those are you traditional walls. (side note: if you are now humming Wonderwall by Oasis, you are welcome). Well, its a case of beggars XOR choosers. You take what you get when you order half way through the season of Covid.

Am I excited to install winter tires again in the same season? No. Also, the new bike, the tires on it are *@#$ tight, I managed to break the bead but the tube seems to be bonded to the tire somehow and I can’t break it free of the tape. So, I’m going to declare defeat and see if the bike shop can finish the last bit.

As for the flame thrower anti-theft device, we are still working on that. Perhaps I will just hire a junkyard dog.

Here you go Wonderwall fans…






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