Last Flash Day

After many years of trying to make the web a proprietary thing, and some modest success, Adobe Flash eventually gave up faced with an overwhelming set of security flaws, lack of accessibility, multi-platform woes, etc. It outlived the Java Applet Dancing Duke, and its main contribution was fancy loading bars on websites of the late 90’s.

It then entered a long zombie stage of life where you could stort of install it if you worked around a set of of challenges. Why you would? I dunno, maybe you had a geocities site cached?

Well, today is the last day of flash’s life. So sayeth the Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page. I don’t know why I bothered linking it, I know you have the URL memorised and have been checking it daily.

So, security experts cheer, people who care about the free and open web rejoice, nostalgia freaks shed a modest tear.

Download quick and fire up that last favourite game, for today is the last day of Flash.






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