Bike #4: The Gauntlet is thrown

OK, bike #1 was the folding bike. I liked that one a lot. So did the thief. RIP.

Bike #2 was purchased for $5 online, just to get to the office. It has been passed forward and is still in action.

Bike #3 was purchased to replace Bike #1. It was a Voltbike Yukon. I liked that one a lot too, as did the 2nd thief. Thief identified and warrant out for arrest. I’m not hopeful.

So, enter Bike #4. They are pretty scarce these days, Covid made everyone take up biking. But, I found one to my spec in Saskatoon, and, it arrived today. After some assembly, the photo above.

This is the Biktrix Ultra Beast. It has 2 batteries (each 48V @ 15AH), and a mid-drive M620 Ultra Max motor.

Now I’m awaiting some locking mechanisms….






One response to “Bike #4: The Gauntlet is thrown”

  1. Robert Carey

    Imma be disappointed if it doesn’t have flame-throwing anti-theft options fully engaged.

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