Tis the season for snow tires

We’ve had our first big snowfall of the year already. But, its southern ontario, its november, it melted. So i held out. But now is the time, new brakes, new chain, swap tires. New tubes just in case (26×4).

This year I tried a bike stand. Now, these are a bit tricky to find in your heigher-weight-chunky-bike style. This one, rated for 30kg, w/ a 31kg bike. Hmm. Well, remove the battery, that’s 5kg, should bring us under the limit, right?

Well, sort of. That grip tends to twist on its mount, i think i’ll have to put a bolt in there (bike fell off on me!).

As for the tubes. It crazy to me that I can buy something and it comes with *no* english on the box. It shows a picture of a motorcycle, so, uh, at least its similar? Anyway, the tubes *stank* but were indeed 26×4.0″.

Is there anything messier than an old bike chain? So much grime and grease and bits of road gone by. Removed, power train soaped and scrubbed. new chain fitted.






2 Responses to “Tis the season for snow tires”

  1. Roberto Quinones

    Isn’t easier (and warmer) to just drive around in the nice black chevy pickup in the background?

    1. db

      that’s only been out of the garage twice this year, once to the airport in feb, and once for an unexpected trip to montreal earlier this month.

      as for the warmer, well, i (re)installed the handlebar mits, there’s a 3rd-gen handlebar warmer i’m trying this year. but, even if those work 100%, hell 1000%, for sure the truck is warmer 🙂

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