Hey Radon (anti) fans…

I know. You thought I forgot about Radon. You know, the #2 cause of lung cancer after smoking? November is Radon month. And, November is not done yet. So, if you have a ground floor (or basement), and have not bought a Radon detector yet, I suggest now is the time.

I’m a fan of the Airthings Wave. Recommended to more than a few people who turned out to have a need for Radon remediation. Drop a couple of AA in, put it in the spot in your basement w/ the most moisture or least air flow, sync your phone to it, and, a couple of weeks later you will either worry, fix, or be happy. And then, since Radon varies a lot over the course of time, it will keep you up to date if you have a problem.

A common issue I hear is “its not in my area”, or “my neighbour checked, and no problems, why should I?”. Radon is hyper local, and very seasonal. You bought a CO detector, right? You bought a smoke detector, right? Chances are much much higher (100x) that you will have Radon than CO.

Now, if you live in a 2nd-floor+ apartment, Radon doesn’t climb, its heavy. So you can ignore this. Its generally carried in ground-water, so it comes in cracks in your foundation, your sump-hole, etc.

The good folks at AirThings have some VOC sensors now too (for other indoor air-quality issues caused by volatile organic compounds). And it includes a cute-little bedside sensor. Checks you out for mold, etc too.

Anyway, be safe out there. You may be using your basement more than you did in the past as a home-office these days, get some peace of mind with some Radon detection today!






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  1. Stefan

    Based on your recommendation, got the Airthings Wave yesterday for our Canadian home. Just under the Radon-month wire.

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