Of gas gauges and lte

today I learned the gas gauge in my truck is off by about 5 km on its distance to empty.I learned this the fun way on the side of the 401 just east of the on route at Ingleside Ontario.

I also learned some other things first getting a tow truck here with a gas can is not that simple second it’s it’s a long way from that gas station when you want to walk when there’s trucks whizzing by third I was able to do a video conference call with someone on my team from this location and it was perfect and that really blew me away you see the idea of getting video conferencing speeds while mobile while in a rural part of Canada is something I couldn’t have conceived of many years ago and here I just pulled out the phone and did that and it worked perfectly I didn’t give it a thought

it’s LTE it’s not 5G but it’s LTE it’s not 3G and that’s great so yes I did consider walking to the gas station it’s not that far but it’s not that safe my truck is getting blown around like a leaf and I’m going to sit here like a sardine in a can until the tow truck arrives with my quite costly small amount of fuel next time maybe I won’t trust the meter to the last digit it said I had 6 km left and I ran out of gas so maybe next time give it a bit of margin just cuz it’s digital doesn’t make it more accurate.

also first blog post entirely dictated without typing. Roadside blogging.






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  1. Robert Carey

    I was wondering why your punctuation and sentence flow had reverted to sounding like my 11 year old nephew telling me about playing Overwatch until I go to the last sentence(ish).
    Stay in the car. Don’t get flattened.
    Lesson learned

    1. db

      it was an experiment.

      I grew up quite near that spot on the 401 near ingleside. If you had told me that
      a) i could get assistance w/o flagging someone down
      b) i could find a phone number / map from the car via some gadget
      c) i could make a video conference call
      d) i could just yammer on and it would transcibe my words (but not semi-colons)

      i would have thought it science fiction!

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