Like Cloud Native? Identity? Security?

I’m investing increasing time in my corporate blog and website. If you, or someone you know, is interested in Cloud Native technologies, Zero Trust, Identity, Security, it would help me out a lot if you convinced them to subscribe. There are 3 basic methods, depending on the type of person you are:

  1. RSS. You use a feed-reader like Feedly. That link in the top will get you going
  2. Email. You like to receive articles in your inbox like a newletter, see the bottom of any blog post
  3. Push. You like a little chirp in your browser showing an excerpt of what’s new, see that little bell in the lower right

Any of them you can unsubscribe any time, its easy, I promise!

(see the image below with where you would click for the sign-up). And, I’ve been putting a fair bit of work into our YouTube channel (, if that friend wanted to Subscribe there they might be interested. And of course, all the data flows through our LinkedIn, so can be followed.

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