20 years ago epic journey: the first day

I had a great email trail of this, sadly It died with my last company, all the email is gone. But to expand a little bit on the first day (don’t be expecting the rest, they are all memories now).

I got in to Sacramento in the morning. I found the candidate by around noon and exchanged cash ($2500? somewhere around that, I can’t remember). In California its pretty easy: you pay and drive away. Done!

I wasted no time in getting on the road, and somewhere as we left California and entered Nevada I stopped and bought provisions (blankets, some food, that sort of thing).

As I’m driving along the pitch black road in Nevada (no street lights, no other cars, no lines on the road) it strikes me that I have no idea where I am and maybe I should pull over for the night. I can sort of see nearby these hills, I assume I’ll pull up to them. Turns out they are far. O well. Stop, make some dinner, bed.

In the morning I wake up and take this picture. Turns out that the ‘road’ i turned off onto was desert, and the ‘road’ I was on might also have been desert. It certainly wasn’t clear that it was meant to be a road. O well, let’s truck on!

This scrubby patch of picture was completely desolate. Nothing around, no power lines, no cars, no trees, no pavement. The sun was the compass to get going back in the right direction.






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