Pigeon Wars: Time of Year and The Battle For Ledge Supremacy

Our office is in a heritage building. And heritage buildings often have lots of homes for flying rats, aka pigeons.

We are blessed with windows on all 4 sides, and one of the sides in particular is fascinating to our fowl friends. As the sun hits just the right angle, the ledge becomes pigeon central. And, the battle for ledge supremacy begins. There is a lot of loud thumping and bumping as they push and pull each other from the ledge. Pigeons of higher social status come in, and the pigeon plebes are pushed out.

Now, the key pigeon wars times changes over the course of the year. If you know the time of day, you can calculate the time of year. If you know the time of year, you can calculate the time of day. Its like a pigeon sextant, astrolabe, and sundial. All in one.

Now I know you are thinking of these pigeons as some sort of nice warm cooing doves. They are not. They are essentially flying rats, gnarled and mean. But, they entertain me.

ps, this is the vertical pigeon picture. The horizontal ones on the other windows are where the real action takes place.






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