Bike thief redux: chased off

This morning as I’m walking down King St just past Queen I happen upon this fine upstanding individual, bolt cutters in hand. He’s using them in an unusual way, as a twisting device, bouncing the bike up and down and trying to get the u-bolt + cable lock off.

I make contact. He insists its his bike and that 1 of the locks is his, that some fiend has placed a second lock on. I point out that the u-bolt goes through the loops in the cable lock. He tries to insist that is how they do it. Uh uh, they have the keys and you don’t? I ask if he’s alright with me calling the police, he says sure. So i do. While i’m going through the voice mail settings (???) his friend arrives. His friend insists I am wrong as well, but, after a few minutes of my argument about how both locks are the same brand, and were installed by a person with a key (and them maybe assuming the police auto attendant was a person), they decided to leave.






2 Responses to “Bike thief redux: chased off”

  1. Jayme Snyder

    You are far more trusting with your bike than I.
    Can you take the bike inside?

    1. db

      not my bike, was just defending the street!

      downtown kitchener has free bike cages w/ rfi keys. 1 in city hall, 1 in duke garage, 1 @ charles/benton.
      my trusty steed lives there during the day.

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