Pandemic Web Cam Shortages Begone

So a lot of people have found there is a shortage of webcams, work and learn at home, that sort of thing. But did you know you can buy the raw modules? Check out this table, pick one that you like, and then search for that on ebay or aliexpress.

Now I’ve got a 4:2:2 webcam (of course in 4:2:2 @ 4K mode it does 1fps, but, well, its a smooth and fluid 1fps!). The picture quality is really good (its not DSLR good, don’t be crazy, but, its a micro 4/3 sensor @ 4K, its quite nice for a webcam).

Don’t be that person w/ the weird up-the-nostril blurry cam that came w/ your ultra-sleek laptop, instead be the person who can’t go through airline security without TSA questioning your IED-like attachments.

You’re welcome.






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