CRA adds Captcha: with flags of the world?

CRA adds Captcha: with flags of the world?

Recently the Canada Revenue Agency (or more specifically, the users of it) had a password breach. People had re-used their CRA password on other sites that were hacked. Compounding this is the CRA website facilitated stuffing: automated trying of username/password to check which of the breaches worked.

Well, CRA has responded with a captcha (those 'find all the images containing... tests). But, interestingly, it seems to show other national symbols. See mine below, i'm looking for pictures of a train, but I find Singapore airlines flag carrier, China Airlines flag carrier, US flag, ... None of them trains to be fair! But none of the trains were VIA or CN or CP either.

I'm not sure what i was hoping before, perhaps classic episodes of the Beachcombers and you had to spot which character was John or something like that. Anyway, progress is good.

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