Covid exposure app results

By now I hope you have all (eligible) installed COVID Alert by Health Canada. I got my weekly results summary from it, and thought I would share for those that are still convinced its Bill Gates 5G tracking chip technology but also scared to read the code to find out (or just scared of facts).

Like all good modern applications, the API is REST and JSON. The app gives you a download as JSON, so I did. Its not very interesting, but, let’s look.

First, a refresher. You get a random ID. Every day your ID changes. On your device, you keep a list of other random ID you have seen. Periodically you check the network to see if any of those ID are in a list of people who have indicated they have been exposed. If you are exposed, you enter your test result in the app and it publishes your random ID. Otherwise, it publishes nothing. And, there iis no location.

So lets look at some of my results. I shortened my hash (that unique ID) for readability. It seems that the apps checks somewhat randomly. It checked 4 times on the 21st at 3am, but didn’t check at 5am. Dunno why.

For me, the number ID’s in my local list (the keyCount) varies between ~370 and ~420. This represents the number of those random ID’s I’ve seen in the trailing 14 day period. I guess(?) each one cycles daily, so if I divide by 14 I get the approximate number of people who run this that i’ve been nearby? So ~30 people?

2020-08-21 09:40:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 09:14:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 08:54:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 08:39:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 07:31:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 07:20:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 04:26:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 04:08:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 03:53:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 03:42:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 03:31:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-21 03:20:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-22 08:52:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 06:49:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 05:35:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 04:54:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 04:25:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 04:08:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 03:52:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 03:42:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 03:31:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-22 03:20:003990COVID AlertykZfXmnf
2020-08-20 23:22:004040COVID AlertrvGFQL6X
2020-08-20 06:48:004100COVID Alertj42FRE28
2020-08-20 05:34:004100COVID Alertj42FRE28
2020-08-20 04:52:004100COVID Alertj42FRE28






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