You may recall the great sadness of the lamp that went purple. Its that large white bulb in the photo, a Cree model with a small corn cob inside. I puzzled over this for a bit, what can give me a lot of light, mostly in the outbound (rather than downward) direction (given the type of lamp).

After some research I came up with this folding (deformable!) type lamp. Yes its meant for your garage ceiling. Their slogan is “as easy as screwing in a light bulb” which brought a lot of jokes to mind.

Interestingly, it has no radar. I’m not sure if i should be concerned, but in the end decided that most of my light bulbs also don’t have radar so this was acceptable.

Somewhat more alarmingly the voltage. Usually its the upper that is the range, but both have thae same upper. O well, we are definitely in 85-277 so that should be ok.

The colour. Hmm. I ordered 5000K, its not even an option. But, since its background light (and i doubt they calibrate it too closely) I’ll accept this.

If we look at it installed in its not-particularly-native-environment, we can see its a bit ridiculous looking. But, a large shade hides it. It puts out a fair bit of light, i’m skeptical of the 12000lm specification. But, i’m no longer purple, and that’s what counts.

In autopsy I talked about pre-mature failure (and bugs!) in some LED lamps of mine. In cost I talked about how my LED bulb cost more than the lamp it went in. In saga I talked about how many bulbs and how much power, the ongoing battles to remove the halogens. And, in the ‘light bulb of unusual size‘ I talked about a bulb that was as bright as the sun and a bit like a deathstar.

But, this one is a new one to me. My desk lamp has gone purple. And not just a little bit, its normal 5000K is now more Grimace from McDonalds days gone by. I guess the stress of actually getting used every day, rather than just sitting idle and loafing, is too much for it.

PS, the kapton tape you see on the top is load-bearing. Thanks for asking.

A while ago I wrote about the Crypto Kitty. The gist was “You buy a virtual cat with virtual currency. And then, unlike regular cats, you pay to get them knocked up and have kittens. But its ok, its with virtual currency.” you would then train and sell your cats.

Now, the equivalent cat in 2018 was worth about $13USD. Hmm, it seems maybe the crypto cat craze is not for the flight to safety of the gold mongers, but maybe is more stable than the CADUSD exchange? Hmm.

You have a container. Its being bad. Bad container, bad. You want to know what’s going on inside it from a networking standpoint. But, because you believe in security, you have removed root, of course you cannot just do tcpdump or tcpflow. So, what to do?

Here’s the recipe. Replace NAME with the name or container id.

pid=$(docker inspect -f '{{.State.Pid}}' NAME)
ln -sfT /proc/$pid/ns/net /var/run/netns/$pid
ip netns exec $pid bash

Boom, we have a root shell. If we run ‘ifconfig’ we see just 2 interfaces (eth0, lo). Have at it with your favourite network tool.