Badda Boom Badda Gone

For more than half my life the East Side Mario’s in the (Waterloo) University plaza has been there. The fancy place we would go in school when we felt flush and the student pub was closed. The place w/ the salad of unusual depth and the weird pepper in it. The breadsticks. If you were on a limited budget you wanted quantity!

Sadly, the place has closed permanently. I’m sure this time next year it will be the worlds largest bubble tea place or another dozen shawarma places. And, while those are good, sometimes its the dingy history you want.

And that leaves Farrah’s and Gino’s (now Campus Pizza) as the enduring purveyors of student value.






4 Responses to “Badda Boom Badda Gone”

  1. Jayme Snyder

    East Side Marrio’s should have went head to head with Michelina’s in frozen food section of the supermarket instead of in their restaurants.

    1. db

      or picked a slogan like “Its almost as good as olive garden”

  2. Nicolas St-Pierre


  3. Willievof

    Hello. And Bye.

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