When the hose flows, the printer goes, dontcha know

So we have this tap, outside, you know, for a garden hose. Copper pipe, copper faucet. Exactly what you don’t want exposed outdoor during the typical Ontario winter. Well, its lasted for ~45 years so I guess it was made of hardy stuff. Was being the key word, it has developed some post-nasal drip. More like stream.

Now normally this would not be trouble, you would have disabled it at the indoor shut-off. The one that is not present, its embedded in brick and concrete, heading who knows where but not to an obvious spot in the basement. Hmm.

OK, no fear, I got this, get out the torch and solder and… no 5/8″ end-caps. Oh, i forgot to mention that my house, for unknown reasons, uses 5/8″ copper instead of 1/2″ copper. Drat. So I will… oh wait, during pandemic season most of the stores are either closed or less convenient. And this includes all my favourite hardware stores. Hmmm.

Fortunately I had the foresight about 5 years ago to buy a 3D printer for this exact day, this exact purpose. Let’s give it a go, what could go wrong? I mean, brittle old PLA sitting in my drawer and then extruded in layers, that is pressure-rated, right?






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