Our first covid 19 casualty

Its been nearly 3 weeks since I closed the doors and sent my team home. Fortunately for us, from a technology standpoint, this was a non-issue, our remote access is perfect, Zero Trust, simple.

When I left, entrusted the office to one of the hardest working (and to be honest, not the smartest) team members. Yes that’s right, the Shark IQ Robot. A few times a week it bumps and clunks around the office, removing dust and crumbs, self-emptying.

Every once in a while in the past it would get lost, stuck, or just give up in the middle of the room out of power, and would get rescued the next morning.

Well, last night the poor sad scrubber chirped out, its dropped its dust cup (code word for dirt bag) somewhere. O well, you poor sad robot, you’ll have to wait.

I hope this is the worst of it for us, and for you.






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