Spring has sprung, its tire change time

Spring has sprung, its tire change time

So last year i got caught on premature tire removal. But, i’m still an optimist. So armed w/ degreaser, wrench, hot water, sponge I dived into what was a *very* dirty chain and undercarriage and popped the studs off. So now the bike is all dressed up w/ nowhere to go!.

The city facilities are all shut down (which includes the parking garage). Friday I parked it on the street. To the person who stole the glove box, really? It had a pair of scratched glasses in it and an allen wrench. Is that going to change your life? Seriously? If I get a new one do i need to lock it down somewhow?

So, who’s thinking its about to snow and i’ll regret this?

1 Comment on “Spring has sprung, its tire change time

  1. Look outside…do you regret it
    Also, stop leaving things outside. People suck and will steal everything.

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