St Patricks day in Quarantine… it’s quiet, and no Rovers

So the Irish Rovers (yes that band that played the Unicorn song back in the day w/ green alligators and long-necked-geese) is doing their last tour. And, excitedly I had purchased tickets for the St Patricks’ day show (in Chatham Ontario). Tonight was the night.

Sadly, that is not to be. Instead my team has been dispatched to work from home, leaving it quiet and lonely down here. The view from my office window is quieter than usual.

Fortunately, from a work perspective, we are 100% Zero- Trust. 100% of services work the same, from any Internet, no VPN. Just SSL + SSH, all single-sign-on. So I am not worried about the office or the productivity in the short term. But, as an Agile team, there’s no real substitute for face-to-face meetings.

And, more worrisome, the Ace Shawarma is closed.






3 Responses to “St Patricks day in Quarantine… it’s quiet, and no Rovers”

  1. Kyle Larose

    Needs moar shwarma cheeseburger.

  2. Rob Carey

    Shwarma > Cheesesteak!??

    1. db

      both ace shawarma and big fat pita are *way* better than the cheesesteak.
      except now, they are all shuttered.

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