Month: March 2020

  • The digital divide: a policy proposal

    Suddenly everyone is working and learning from home. Or not. Its creating a larger digital divide than we’ve ever seen. Not all jobs can be done remotely. But for those that can, we have a sudden scramble to make sure everyone is adequately connected, driven by the corporate IT and home workers themself. But learning […]

  • Spring has sprung, the bat has ris

    Seems our office got a small mascot today. A small brown bat, clinging to the brick. Its still a bit cold outside, i’m a bit worried it should be a in a cluster somewhere to stay warm. I’m also not sure how it got in (or out). If its still there tomorrow do I rescue […]

  • AI & Chatbots to help

    Many tele-health phone lines are swamped.  This leads worried people to find bad information. I’m pretty excited to see this site Its got a github repo. Its looking for training so feel to head on over and ask your health questions of the friendly chatbot. Its early days for it, its not yet answering. But, […]

  • Mother nature is a big tease

    Yesterday: Let’s put summer tires on. Today. Huh, look at all that wet snow accumulating.

  • Spring has sprung, its tire change time

    So last year i got caught on premature tire removal. But, i’m still an optimist. So armed w/ degreaser, wrench, hot water, sponge I dived into what was a *very* dirty chain and undercarriage and popped the studs off. So now the bike is all dressed up w/ nowhere to go!. The city facilities are […]