The landrush that is naming on the Internet

When I started my company, I registered Github, Linkedin, Twitter, Gitlab, … all the usual suspects. I did this to avoid some unfortunate future situation where I was locked out of a channel I needed.

But some of the sites are algorithmic or achievement-unlocking in order to get a custom URL. One example is YouTube. Our current Agilicus YouTube channel has a URL like this Its very catchy I know. But I cannot change it until I get more subscribers. Its like some sort of YouTube ghetto. Since we don’t place ads, its not about monetisation. Instead its about Search Engine Optimisation. For your own web site, make sure you have your own domain (naturally a .CA domain). But for the other web properties, short pronounceable URL matter.

And, believe it or not, it’s LinkedIn followers (our LinkedIn) and YouTube followers that seem to matter as far as reach. I despair of getting to the YouTube threshold soon, but, well, if you are reading this, and feeling charitable, subscribe! And if you are feeling super charitable, get a friend to do so too.






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