2-Factor Authentication: The great switch to Authy from Google Authenticator

After 2 years my Pixel 2 XL took a bit of a spill the other day. Its still fine, but the glass is cracked. I'm hoping to find someone who can change just the glass... but... I bought a Pixel 4 XL. The saddest part about this is I was literally just thinking I would skip this gen, I love the Pixel 2 XL. Its such a great phone, such great battery life etc. O well.

New phone arrived last week but I was out and about, so I got the time to migrate over on Monday. And, of course, the migration was trivial... took about 5 minutes, all was good, shortcuts, etc. BUT... you have to manually migrate all the 2-Factor authentications. 63 sites. And each is different... you log in to the site (using the Pixel 2), find the settings, disable/change/remove/update the 2FA, and then re-enable it on the Pixel 4. That took *ages*.

Since this was obviously going to take a while, I thought... there must be a better way. I mean, TOTP is a standard, implemented in more than one app. I settled on Authy (also on iOS). It has the ability to operate on multiple devices and to sync/store. So this means it should be the last time.

And, of the multiple devices, Chrome is one. So you can install it for ChromeOS. Great!

So the theory is... I can now switch phones again if needed.

5 comments on “2-Factor Authentication: The great switch to Authy from Google Authenticator
  1. db Stocker says:

    Don even better is to is integrated into keepassxc. Stores all your passwords, totp and notes in one secure location shared with all your devices. It has apps for all o/s even iOS, and uses Dropbox or Google drive for cloud storage. Best part is even totp could be shared with keyshare with your spouse if needed.

  2. db db says:

    don’t seem to be a chrome or android client tho?

  3. db Prateek Srivastava says:

    Unfortunately there are no good solutions in market.

    Authy is near perfect in terms of features, but…
    * no password when switching devices
    * not possible to sync to personal cloud ( locked inside Authy’s cloud)

    There is an open source alternative from Red Hat: https://freeotp.github.io/ but it lacks many features.

  4. db Brian says:

    I’ve been using Lastpass authenticator because it backs up the OTP configs within lastpass; but I haven’t (had to) put it to the test yet

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