Cool weather and e-bikes observations

So yes I rode in this am. No it was not warm. The main issues were:

  1. The snow in the park was about 15-20cm deep and frozen. My wheels sunk in and then i was full stopped! Revert to the road. No amount of power was going to go through that
  2. The battery provides negligible assist.
  3. I have goggle, they have an anti-fog system (fancy word for holes). This system is not that great 🙂
  4. The front-brakes (hydraulic) froze. So rear-brakes only. I’m not sure what the fluid is, but it was more like tar even for the rear one.
  5. The shock was rock. Ouch.

But, mission accomplished, I made it to the office with all my fingers intact.

The heated gloves you say? Well the ‘fever’ zones in the gloves do produce heat. Not to be confused with a lot of heat. The user guide suggests ~50-55C. My experience today suggests a much more modest ‘lukewarm’ temperature.






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  1. Sonya

    you’re crazy Don……you could have worked from your warm home office….with a cat assistant and a fireplace

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